We produce your own Personal Image Movie from your hotel.

On your Hotel Info-Channel your guests will be able to view any special offers, general information about the hotel, and information regarding the surrounding area of your hotel (local restaurants, shops, spas, etc.).

This is the HotelTv Info Chanel.

As soon as your guests turn on their television in their hotel room they will be greeted by our Image Film showcasing your hotel in HD quality and delivering your hotel’s personal message from the comfort of their room.

The guest of today enjoy comfort and want to be informed in a direct way about your hotel’s offers and information without having to dig through a pile of brochures. Our Image Films will inform your guests of everything that they need to know about your hotel and take all the fuss out of trying to find the information on they’re own.

With our special service we offer your guest a modern and entertaining way to receive information and offers about your hotel via 24 hour propaganda film format.

Professionally produced, language translated, and with modern animations.

This is what separates our product from standard Hotel Info Clips and Internet Videos.